• Birdybox „Stripes“
  • Birdybox „Stripes“
  • Birdybox „Stripes“
  • Birdybox „Stripes“
  • Birdybox „Stripes“

Birdybox „Stripes“

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Original birdybox in REMEMBER® design

Bird twittering in design casing


Take the sound of nature home with you and experience the cheerful twittering of birds the whole year round! The popular birdybox is now also available in the typically graphical and colourful REMEMBER® designs. The box can be set anywhere or hung on the wall, so that you do not have to be without the relaxing singing of the birds anywhere. The twittering is activated by a motion detector and ends after two minutes. The volume of the birdybox can be adjusted or switched off.

Experience a bird concert like on a forest walk in the spring – in your own four walls, at any time of year!


Product details:

Original birdybox with different REMEMBER® designs, including three commercially available AA batteries

Material: plexiglass

Dimensions:  11 x  14.5 x  3.5 cm

weight: 245 g