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Guard houses, set of 4


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Art. No: WH01

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Product description

Decorative moth protection: These four pretty little houses made of pure cedar wood protect clothes from holes and contamination by moths and moth larvae. They also prevent mould growth and freshen up wardrobes, kitchen, drawers and shoe cupboards thanks to the essential oils. They have a long-lasting effect, are natural and also look really good as purely decorative objects!


For long-lasting protection, simply reactivate the fresh-smelling anti-moth effect of the cedar wood by lightly sanding the unvarnished wooden surfaces.

Product details:

Set of 4 in different sizes, coloured lacquer on one side

Material: cedar wood


W 6.5 x D 2.5 x H 10 cm

W 4 x D 2,5 x H 7,5 cm

W 5 x D 2,5 x H 7 cm

W 4 x D 2,5 x H 8,5 cm


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